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  1. Account Information 

    1. My Account is through APPLE TV, how do I manage it?
    2. My Account is through ROKU, how do I manage it?
    3. My account is through HALLMARK eCARDS, how do I manage it?
    4. Can I change my Username/Member Name?
    5. Can I change my email and password?
  2. Billing 

    1. How do I get a refund?
    2. Why are you changing the price?
    3. Why do I get "Must specify VID to load by !|400" when trying to reactivate my account?
    4. If I received a promotion and subscribed at a lower price, will I be charged more?
    5. If I paid for a subscription at a higher price, can I be refunded the difference?
  3. Cancellation 

    1. I created my subscription through Apple TV, how do I cancel it?
    2. I created my subscription through Roku, how do I cancel it?
    3. How do I cancel my subscription?
  4. General 

    1. Why can't I sign up through my device?
    2. How do I use Feeln?
    3. How much does a Feeln subscription cost?
    4. How secure is your site?
    5. What is your copyright policy?
  5. Log-in Issue 

    1. Trouble Resetting Password
    2. I paid for a subscription on my iPhone/iPad, but can't log in and did not receive a Welcome email from Feeln.
    3. When I log in to Apple TV, it prompts me for another payment, but I already paid.
    4. What if I am having difficulty logging in?
  6. Watching Movies 

    1. Why does Silverlight keep asking me to download it?
    2. Why do I get sound but no video on my iPhone/iPad?
    3. Why can't I view movies on the Feeln website?
    4. I'm looking for Christmas movies.
    5. Are your movies Closed Captioned?
  7. All articles 

    1. What is Feeln?
    2. How do I activate a device?
    3. I'm having trouble with my eCards subscription
    4. I'm looking for movies from the Hallmark Channel.
    5. How do I reactivate my subscription?
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