How do I activate Feeln on my Samsung device?

Search for Feeln in the Samsung App Store located in the Smart Hub on your device.  It is also listed in the Videos category in the Samsung App Store.

1. Launch the Feeln app
2. Click “Already a Member” on the startup screen and follow the on-screen instructions. 
2a: If you only see a list of movies via the preview mode, then please try to watch any of them to bring up the startup screen.
3. Go to to enter the six digit activation code.

If our app does not appear, it is likely that your Samsung model is not supported by our app at this time. The model number of your Samsung device can be found in two places, either on the back of your device or in the Settings Menu on your device.

Here is an updated list of all of our supported Samsung models:

 Samsung's official updated compatibility list for 2015-2016 models can be found here.
 Samsung's official updated compatibility list for 2012-2014 models can be found here.  

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