Is the Feeln app on Samsung TV/BluRay?

To download Feeln on your Samsung TV or Blu-Ray player, search the app store on your Samsung device below for Feeln. Your device model can be found typically either on the back of your device, the front lower right corner, or in your device's Settings menu. You can then follow the instructions to activate your Samsung TV or Blu-Ray player on the device, or follow our instructions here.

Samsung's official updated compatibility list for 2015-2016 models can be found here.
Samsung's official updated compatibility list for 2012-2014 models can be found here.

Samsung Devices:

UKS9800, UKS9500, UKS9000, UKS8500, UKS8000, UKS7500, UKS7000, UKU66A0, UKU6510, UKU6500, UKU64A0, UKU6400

UKU630D, UKU6300, UKU6000

UK6300, UK6250, UK6200, UK5600, UK5520, UK5510, UK5500, UK5300, UK4300  


15TV_Standard2: J5510, J5520, J6200, J6300, J6330, JS6000, S9F

15TV_Standard1: J6400, J5500, J5510, J6200, J6300, J6330, JS6000, JU5900, JU6000, JU7000, JU7500, JU7800, JU8000, JU6300, JU6400, JU6500, JU6600, JU6700, JU6800

15TV_Premium:  JS9000, JS9500, JS9800, JS9900

14TV_STANDARD3: UHU6900,UHU7000,UHU5900,UHU6000,UHU7500,UHU8500

14TV_STANDARD1: UH4500,UH4570,UH6400,UH6410,UH6500,UH6600,UH6700,UH7000,UH7100,UH5500,UH6300,UH5570,UH6200

14TV_PREMIUM US9CN,US9VCN,US9V,UF9000,UHU8500CV,UHU9000,UHU9800,US9,UHU7500,UHU8500,H8000C,PE8500,UF7000,UF7400,UF7450,UF7500,UF8000,UF8200,UF8500,PE8000,PE7000,UES7000,UES7500,UES8000,UES9000,UES9010,UES9500,H8800

14TV_ENTRY: UH4303,UH5303,UH6203

14AV_BD: HT-H6500WM,HT-H6550WK,HT-H6550WM,HT-H7500WM,HT-H7730WM,HT-H7750WM,BD-H6500,BD-HM65

13TV_STANDARD: UF7200, UF7120, UF7100, UF7150, UF6900, UF6800, UF6700, UF6600, UF6540, UF6510, UF6500, UF6470, UF6450, UF6420, UF6400, UF6360, UF6330, PF5500, UF6370, UF6350, UF6300, UF6200, UF5700, UF5500, UF5400, UF5300, UF4500, PF5500, PF5200

13TV_PREMIUM: KF9500, KS9C, PF8500, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF7500, UF8000, UF8200, UF8500, UES7000, UES7500, UES8000, UES9000, UES9010, UES9500, PE7000, PE8000, UF9000, US9, US9V, US9VCN, US9CN

13AV_BD: BD-F5900, BD-FM59, BD-F6500, BD-F7500, HT-F5200, HT-FS5200, HT-F5500, HT-F5500K, HT-F5500W, HT-F5530, HT-F5550, HT-F5530K, HT-F5530HK, HT-F5550K, HT-F5550HK, HT-FM53, HT-FM53C, HT-FM55WC, HT-FS6200, HT-F6500, HT-F6500W, HT-FM65WC, HT-F6530, HT-F6550, HT-F6530W, HT-F6550W, HT-F9750W, HT-FS9200

12TV_7Group: UES8000, UES7500, UES7000, PE8000

12TV_6Group: UE7150, UE7100, UE6820, UE6800, UE6710, UE6700, UE6600, UE6500, UE6400, UE6300, UE6200, UE6100, PE7000, PE6500, PE570, PE550, PE540, UE6100, UE5700, UE5500, UE5450, UE5400, UE5330, UE5300, UE4530, UE4500, UE6820, PE6500, PE550

12MFM_6Group: TB750,TB550

12AV_BD2 2012 BD Player (Only with SmartHub feature, BRCM)

12AV_BD 2012 BD Player (Only with SmartHubfeature) 2012 BD Home Theater System(Only with SmartHubfeature)

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