How do I activate my Sony TV/Blu-Ray player?

To get Feeln on your Sony TV or Blu-Ray player, from the Home Screen, select the "All Apps" or "Video" category (it may be worded differently depending on the model year). Scroll down the list of video services to find Feeln.  If you have a Sony Android TV, you can search for Feeln in the Google Play app store on the TV.

1. Launch the Feeln app
2. Click “Already a Member” on the startup screen and follow the on-screen instructions. 
3. Go to to enter the six digit activation code.

If our app does not appear, it is likely that your Sony model is not supported by our app at this time. The model number of your Sony device can be found in two places: on the back of your device or in the Settings Menu on your device.

A complete list of our supported Sony devices can be found by clicking here

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