Can you tell me about Feeln?

What is Feeln?

Feeln is a subscription-based video streaming service and film production company offering inspiring films. We feature uplifting Hollywood movies, your favorite Hallmark Hall of Fame titles, award-winning Feeln Original Short Films,  and much more. Our library is thoughtfully selected and ever-growing.

As long as your broadband connection at home meets our minimum download speed requirements (3 MBPS for Standard Definition, 5 MBPS for High Definition), you should be able to stream Feeln on any of our supported devices.

Click here to go to our website and check out our content. When you’re ready, you can follow the steps below to create a subscription and use the service.

How do I sign up?

Click the following link to go directly to our sign up page:

Fill out the appropriate information into the corresponding fields on our website, and click the CONTINUE BUTTON.

Sign up InfoJPG

Now you’ll be sent to the payment page.

Fill out the payment information on the screen and click START MEMBERSHIP to begin your subscription.

Congratulations! You signed up for Feeln!

You will receive a confirmation email from us to the email address you used to register, complete with your payment details, billing plan, and a confirmation number for your records.  This email also contains links to the login and membership pages, as well as a link to the Feeln help page.

How do I use Feeln?

You can get started by watching Feeln on your computer. We recommend the Google Chrome browser for the smoothest viewing experience. Once you’re logged in at, you can simply click on any of the films on our website and then click the WATCH NOW button. Here are some links to help you get around our website --

Feeln subscribers can also activate Feeln on up to 5 supported devices. For all the rest of our devices, we’ll include instructions on how to activate them below.

How do I activate my devices?

All Feeln mobile apps (Android, iOS, Kindle, etc.) are activated through similar steps --

1) Download the Feeln app from the app store on your device.

2) Open the app.

3) Enter the EMAIL and PASSWORD that you used to sign up at

4) Enjoy Feeln.

All of our other apps have very specific instructions that are unique to each. Here are links to instructions to activate each:

Activate on your Roku.

Activate on your Samsung TV.

Activate on your Apple TV.

Activate on your Sony TV.

Other Questions

If you have further questions, you can check out our other Knowledge Base articles or reach out directly to customer support at this email:

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