How do I turn on Closed Captions on my iPhone/iPad?

Closed captions can be turned on and off while watching a movie.

When captions are available, there will be a “CC” button in the bottom right corner of the player while watching a movie.

Tap that and a new menu will appear. To turn on captions tap “English”. Tap “Done” to return to your movie.

To turn captions off, repeat the same steps but tap “Off” in the menu you see above.

Tap “Done” when you are finished to return to your movie.

Styling closed captions.

You can change how captions appear in your device’s system settings. This will allow you to choose a predetermined style or choose your own font size, color, and background opacity.  These settings are designed and controlled by the device as Feeln is unable to change any of these, and will be reflected in all apps you use closed captions with on this device.

On your iPhone or iPad, open your “Settings” app. Tap “General” then “Accessibility” then “Subtitles & Captioning” then “Style”.

Now you can choose a predetermined style or design your own.  You can preview your settings as you make changes.  

Return to Feeln after you are happy with your choices and you will see them reflected in the app after you turn on captions as described above.

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